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My mother-in-law and sister-in-law are destroying my marriage

My husband is severely controlled by his sister and mother. He told me his sister is next perfect to Allah and always right so he has to obey. He doesn’t see how abnormal it is that he sleeps in the same bed as his mother and not his wife…

I am a second wife and my in laws hate me and my children because I am African

The problem i have is his family. They hate me. They are religious on the outside. I moved to melbourne to be near him and since the day they met me i have been mistreated and verbally abused. I guess he never informed them i was african bcos the look on their face was pure terror

My husband beats me like an animal. My in-laws never liked me. I want him to love me the way he used to

I’m a married women from durban. i got married 4 years ago. when i got married, me & my husband loved each other alot. but i dont know what went wrong my husband started beating me like animals and abusing me in front of his family members. Now whenever i try to talk to my husband about clearing all the differences & misunderstandings between us then only one thing he says me & that is ” now, we should get separate”…but how can i get separate & why should i get separate?

Abusive Husband

Assalam O Alaikum to all…

I hve been married since the last 1 yr & 4 months. It was by my choice. I guess that’s where I made a mistake. I knew my husband for 8 years before marrying him. Even during our courtship he was very abusive, physically & verbally and would always threaten to leave me. We would somehow get back together & I would forgive & forget everything.