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I need Advice for my marriage ASAP

Is there any way I can get his mother to forgive me?

I love him but he threatens me with divorce

My husband wants to leave me and wants an immediate divorce, this is something he threatens me with every time he is upset or feels under financial trouble.

Parents are not willing to marry me of my own choice

I have explained my parents that I’m already 31 and apart from his anger he doesn’t have any bad habit apparently. But my parents don’t even want to investigate and meet their family.

My mother abuses me and my wife

As per our Islamic teachings if the wife demands a separate accommodation she is rightful. On the other hand it is man’s responsibility to look after his parents.

My husband is angry all the time…

I make duaa for Allah to make him love us and be sweet to us but nothing has changed. At times I want to just kill myself but who will care for my children?