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Suicidal because of my sexual thoughts

I try so hard but I get nowhere. Allah is my witness, what’s in my heart is so different to what happens in my brain… Is it still haraam for me to take my life?

16 and Everyone Dislikes Me

I am a 16 year old girl. I basically I feel like everybody around me hates me and doesn’t like me and I am not worthy of anything. I even feel I am not worthy of living anymore.

whispers don’t let me breathe.

don’t smile or laugh because whenever I try to be happy, I think I’m doing a sinful thing and for this I will go to hell. I’m afraid of even thinking about any other person in my life. Neither can I think of my future husband, as I think by loving him I will cheat Allah (S.W.T). I cry and ask forgiveness. I cry that I should be well, but it’s getting worse.

bad waswas hurting a lot

I do tauba again and again, but I’m not getting out of this situation. It means I myself become a satan, because satan is empowering me badly. I don’t want to live more, and want peace of mind. I wish to harm my brain so that these thoughts don’t occur. I bcome psycho and I don’t want to talk anyone. I become aggressive and want to live alone.

Bad thought about my family and Allah; Will Allah forgive my sins?

My parents work very hard to raise up a give a education i only hope is allah. Because nobody is helping me. What i am doing i don’t know if i have no job no one will marry me and how can help my parents. This kind of thing is killing me inside. I am ruin everyone life. Will Allah forgive me for my sin?

How to stop myself from watching/thinking bad stuffs?

I’ve tried myself to stop myself from watching bad stuffs and I’ve succeeded, but at times I just can’t control it and I watch. I’m 16 years old now. Please help me. I want to strengthen my Eeman and stop myself from watching ,thinking about all these bad stuffs (nudity, sex etc.).

I need help to fight bad thoughts from Satan!

How do I always win? O God , it’s really hard! It’s sort of become something like a general formula that Guys don’t get married here in Pakistan before 25/26 years of age, extending our period of war with satan. I wonder how will I control my gaze when I go to some university inshaAllah in future.
I hope you’ll try to help.

Whispers from Shaitaan or Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

I am working in a engineering college as a lecturer, and I am married. I am being affected by Waasaawis(whispers from shaitan). This problem is there with me right from my 12th standred (From Last 13 years). While doing Wadhu and Offering namaz irrelevant evil thoughts come to my mind due to which I am feeling problems while doing Wadhu and Namaz. While offering namaz I suddenly forget how many rakat of namaz I have offered and confusion starts.

I get bad thoughts when I offer prayer

Assalumulaikum !

Iam a 15 years girl. I don’t think so I am a bad girl . I am very good at my studies, I hardly miss any Nimaz (prayer)

Bad thoughts about my wife

i have bad thoughts about my wife (suspicious, jealous) and it leads to arguments when we speak about things like cheating, or talking 2 friends. please help and give sum references from the quran.

these bad thoughts in my mind are not good for me and my dear wife. it can lead to divorce!

– Mohammed