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Divorced with 3 kids and remarried without telling my family

Is the marriage valid?

My marriage is literally driving me crazy

My husband has totally broken me mentally. I mean nothing to him.

Should I leave my husband?

I honestly don’t believe that I have provoked him to ‘deserve’ the beating and bruising. Nor does he seem to care about the emotional pain this has caused.

Marriage not working in 3 months

I don’t know what steps to take to save my sanity, my marriage and my relationship with my family.

Abusive Husband

I have now told him that I cannot take anymore but he just laughs at me and tells me if I leave him he will kill me and the children, which I believe he is capable of. He has tried to rape me.

Family problems… things just seem to be getting worse

My dad tried to hit my mom with a steel rod, my brother tried to defend my mom and so my dad started beating him too…

Daughter loves a married man who has two children

It’s been nine months we have been going through this trauma, and it seems there’s no way to get out of this. How can we stop her from spoiling her life? Please suggest what could be the solution to this. We are 1000% sure he is a fraud and just playing with her. There’s no security for her life and career if she leaves her mother country. How could she do this to us, she’s been raised with love and care?!

I have been having lots of problems with my mother

Furthermore, she doesn’t only swear- she also uses other sexually abusive words against me which makes me cringe. My mum is always looking for ways to get my dad to beat me or my brother. Because of my mum, I used to get bullied school and I also had low self esteem.

Jealous mother in law makes my husband violent

We were both very happy to finally be married, and everything seemed perfect until I realised his mother could not stand him caring about anyone else other than her. She treated me badly, made me feel bad for eating the food, she hid food from me, treated me like a slave and expected me to serve her day and night. She was very selfish and did not like it when I fell ill and would find more chores for me to do while I was unwell.

My husband has a boyfriend and loves him more than me

My husband has no interest in me. He does not like to talk and spend any minute with me. We live like strangers. When i complained he starts shouting and beating me. He has a friend, he loves him a lot. He ordered me to cook food for his boyfriend every day. After 6 month i said him i am tired now i just cook for you and me. He started shouting and said no grocery will come any more if you do not cook for my friend.