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Concerned about my daughter’s conversion

Last year my teenage daughter met this man while we were living in Hong Kong. He is from India. He lied about being a bit older than her. He’s actually 28 and married (he married a 14 year old child 5 years ago in Kolkata).

My husband beats me

I have been married for 3 years now and my husband has a temper problem, he hit me the first week we got married it was in a car. Then he did it a couple times after that. But just recently he has gotten much better he tries to control his anger as much as possible and tells me when I tell you to leave me alone just leave me alone. I know myself and my temper.

He beats me and threatens divorce, then apologizes

Me and my husband fight a lot. Most of them from my end are only verbal but my husband gets very angry and loses control which leads him to beat me up brutally and he threatens to divorce me and always says, “If i knew all this would have happened, I would never have married you.”