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Beaten and verbally abused all my life, now lost and hopeless

A lifetime of abuse has taken a toll on me and I now have many physical illnesses that have me vomiting very often and have made me incredibly physically weak, as I feel dizzy and faint of stress, fear and exhaustion.

Being forced to marry but I love someone else

My parents have beaten me, threatened to disown me or send me back to our home country… My father even said he would divorce my mother if I don’t agree.

Stepfathers rights

I have been married to my husband for 12 years, we have 5 children Mashallah. My oldest son is 13 years of age, his father has no contact with him. My son looks to my Husbund as any son would do to a father. My son is a good boy, Mashallah, he pray’s, he’s doing very well in school and is a good brother to his younger siblings(most of the time).