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Beginning to believe, where do I start?

How do I change, gradually, or all at once?

How to tell my father that I’ve met someone?

I’m aware that interracial marriages are accepted in Islam, as long as both are devout Muslims. He is such a polite and devout Muslim, it would be a shame if my parents turned him down because of where he comes from.

What should I do to make my parents proud?

Most people think I am a good girl… Honestly this is not me. My parents know the real me… I lie, yell at my parents, don’t pray… I don’t know why I keep doing this to hurt me and my parents.

How to increase focus in Prayers and how to fight Shaitani Whispers.

While offering my salah, I started having some sort of whispers- bad thoughts about my religion & even almighty (Astaghfirruah).

I don’t pray or read Quran… please help

I go on sites which tell me all about the hell fire but I still don’t pray or read the Quran. I don’t obey Allah and don’t pray to him… I see bad things happening to my friends but I don’t want it to happen to me.

I want to be a better Muslim

I don’t pray a lot i want to pray and believe in Allah i believe in him but i don’t show it that much so i want to show it by praying