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Depressed Married Life

Though we have everything stable in our lives, I do not have the peace of mind when I am with my wife.

Questioning my behaviour towards my parents

generally i am very good son to my parents, but i have sometimes upset them through my anger issues.

How do I manage my wife’s bad behaviour?

I want to share my entire situation so that I would tell you the better question which I am suffering from. My wife was already divorced of six year relationship with her ex before I got married. She was a sterility patient and I knew this very well.

How should I behave towards a gay classmate who wants to be friends?

I go to college and in college I have a classmate that is gay. He states that he wants to become a Muslim, but I know that what he does is haram, but yet I don’t know what to do because I also don’t want to cause controversy in school.

How should my husband behave around female non-Muslim relatives?

I have a query about interaction with non Muslim relatives. My husband’s Aunty (his Mum’s sister) had converted to Hinduism and married a Hindu man. From that union they have daughters who are naturally Hindu.

How can I help my brother who has lost his way?

Asalamualaikum dear brothers and sisters in Islam.

I am 22 years old. Nothing is good in my life. I had a difficult childhood. I grew up watching my mother crying. Her in laws (i.e. my family) used to torture her mentally, sometimes even physically.

How to treat unIslamic parents that practice black magic?

I am a Roman Catholic woman who has been best friends with a Muslim man since we were children. Four years ago, we started dating. I moved abroad and the first year of our relationship was a long-distance one.

My Husband Parties Like a Single Man

I am a Pakistani British born Muslim women. I am married to a Turkish Muslim man; we have one child aged 21 months. I have a few dilemmas with my marriage at the moment.

I can’t stop doing what I know is wrong

I’m a 13 year old and I am a Muslim girl and I need help. This is very hard to admit but I LIE & steal. I am trying very hard not to. But it’s not working….