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Advice on being the second wife?

He’s a good man, and he would want to be a husband and to be fair to both of us…

What’s wrong with me?

I got married to my husband. It was unplanned wedding. Well, it was planned but not with him. Anyway I love my husband, he is always honest and caring, but he has another wife and two kids also.

Unsuccessful marriage

He gave me mental torture. He was jobless. His habits are unbearable for me. He lies, he just say he loves me but he does all the things for his children.

Polygamy, finances and my rights as a 2nd wife?

As much as I dreamed of having my own husband to love, I have had to think long and hard and now think being a 2nd wife to someone is my only option…

Is this proposal for nikah halal valid?

He proposed marriage, I accept, thinking would be a second wife, but he answered that in his country polygamy is not permitted, asked me to be his nikah halal, wants to keep it a secret.

Concerns on Becoming a Second Wife

I cannot ask him to divorce his first wife to get married to me. Plus, being the only child, my mom is not agreeing to get me married to this man with 2 kids.

Proposal for Christian woman to be second wife to Muslim man

The main issue I would need to battle is jealousy. His main residence is with her & I know I will feel left out. I am already feeling left out. He was hoping for us to be married before Ramadan but this is not possible for me. So he has said that we can not see each other during Ramadan & the following Eid celebration. This is going to be very difficult for me & makes me wonder if I should wait for him or not.