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My friend doesn’t always reply to my texts

I was happy that Allah gave me a friend that remembers Allah and the prophet and the teachings of Islam. I had a problem, then as I am the person who texts him first and he sometimes responds…but some texts I send him he doesn’t respond. I ask him how his has day been and things, but he doesn’t respond to any of them.

My hatred for my husband’s best friend. Please help!

Subhanallah. I do not even know if its possible to dislike someone so much!

How should I guide my friend?

She is dating a guy and even though she knows its wrong she cant sort of control herself from not doing so.

Help, am I in a haram relationship?

I don’t want to make our relationship unblessed or more haram.


I had zina with someone I love… after 2 months we had a serious fight and he is now refusing to get married… I am depressed and devastated I don’t know what to do next?

I get sexual thoughts about my male best friend

For 25 yrs I have kept myself away from such relations… But why am I so restless now?

My BEST-friend is Christian. How can I lead her to the beautiful light that is Islam and to Allah (swt) the Most Merciful?

As a muslim humdellah, I have learnt the beauty that Islam holds. However I have also become aware of the punishment, and hardships one will face in refusing to accept Islam. My best friend however, is Christian. I have been the best of friends with her for over 8 years, and I truly love her. I do not see her as a friend, rather a sister. In that being said, it brings me to tears to even think, that she will be punished in the hereafter for not accepting Islam.

How do I help my best friend realise the enourmity of her sin?

I heard u give really good advice, as my friend emailed u asking about a frend who lost her virginity willingly. Well the that friend in fact is my best frend and I have the same problem. But nothing about forgiving. I just dont know whether to trust her or not, as i feel very uncomfortable around.
And another one of my frends is trying to advice her about the consequences and what she must do (wearing a hijab) but she just doesn’t seem to feel the guilt of her actions.

I was a homosexual, and I still have weird thoughts and flashbacks. HELP!

She is the first and the only girl I ever met that made me think that I might like her more than a friend. I always treated her with love and care, that made her close to me. She shared her secrets with me, there was a time when she went through alot in her family and she was almost devestated and now she admits out loud that if havent been there for her she wouldnt have made it. So we are two best friends who look out for each other. But the trouble begins here. I felt like i loved her more than a friend.

Fiancé Wants to be a Lesbian

I’m trying to help my fiance, I love her so much, and I don’t like it when she hates herself. She has these disturbing sexual thoughts about her female best friend… and I don’t judge her on her thoughts, but I’m scared and worried… I mean, I trust her with all my heart, but I don’t want her to be filled with temptation.