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I’m losing my friends

I need my friends and they are going far away from me every second.

Can this friendship become a marriage?

I never wanted to be in a relationship because I always wanted to be my dad’s princess and leave the matter to him. But after 1 week he said “I’m going to marry you. I don’t know, will we be lovers or not? We know that we know each other well- we are best friends. I don’t want to lose you. What if we cannot maintain this after marriage? We will be amazing together.”

I’ve lost my best friend

Asslaam Alaykum

I think I need your help.
I’ve lost my best friend and I miss him very much.

Could she really be my sister and is it allowed in Islam?

I am a 28 year old single Muslim male living in UK for past 4 years. I have 2 sisters (real sisters) and 1 sister (not blood sister). I know (believe) it is not right as there is no brother and sister outside your family.