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Used, manipulated, gaslighted, and then left by a man

My boyfriend of three years took my virginity and left me devastated.

Issue with my spouse

I am going through tough times… He is under medication – I feel it was wrong of him not to mention it before our marriage.

Engaged to another woman in his home country – what can I do?

I told him I will come to Iraq in someway. I don’t think he will be able to keep his promise of protecting me if I go there. But the pain is too much and I cannot let him go. I want to be his forever.

My husband has betrayed me; should I confront or stay put?

But knowing all this about him,i see him as a hypocrite.I don’t know what to do.Is it my fault that i got sick in pregnancy.Inst it from Allah?Should i confront him again or stay quite.if i do stay quite,it will kill me from inside.Please help me