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Is bigamy allowed in my situation?

My son is already married but would like to take a second wife.

My polygamous husband is breaking Swedish law

Also a friend said to me that in Sweden if the authorities find out a man is polygamous they will put his children into foster homes. I can lose my children because I have known of the polygamy and allowed my children to live in this lifestyle against the Swedish law.

I want to get married islamically but I am not divorced in Philippines.

I’m a single mother when I got pregnant from my last daughter my husband left me to live with another woman so I decided to work here after 1 year of giving birth. My friends introduced me to islam and now I’m a new muslim for about 7 months..

I converted to Islam, can I marry a Muslim woman before my divorce from my ex is final?

Asalamu aleykum. I am a convert to Islam and had been separated for 6 months before filing for divorce from my ex. My ex is Christian, and I am Muslim. The woman I want to marry is Muslim and has been divorced from her husband for 6 years. Is it possible to get married Islamically before my divorce is final?