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I feel I have no reason to live

So please, I am confused, from the beginning he knew that he won’t marry me, but he was still being with me? He even made me meet his father. So it’s just a total mess. I can’t get it.

I hate my life…

I hate myself and my life, if it wasn’t for the fact that my parents would probably not like it if I committed suicide I would do it. I’m living in a Hell on Earth where bad people/Muslims get rewarded by Allah.

How can I have a happy relationship when I am so bitter about my sacrifices?

I am a person who used to be very sociable. I used to hang out a lot with friends, family, cousins and more. Eight years ago a man entered my life. Since I said yes to him, people that were close to me become my enemies. He is not a bad guy at all he is Muslim and has no bad habits at all

Snitching on my ex for betraying me. What does Islam say?

I am broken hearted from my ex-boyfriend. I was with him for three years, he promised to marry me. I did things with him because he told me we will make everything Halal after getting married. I gave him everything, my soul, heart, everything! Now he told me he doesn’t feel the same anymore. I am worried he is not going to come back to me. So I have decided to call up our school and tell them about his smoking weed habit.