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He blackmailed me and made my life hell

He started blackmailing me that he would put pictures of me on the internet if I don’t marry him.

I ruined my own life

He started to blackmail me, that all my pictures will be published over the internet… He said he’ll stop if I cut myself or start sex chat.

I went to a party and someone blackmailed me

I’m scared a lot and I couldn’t sleep, I’m overly stressed out and I’m scared I will do something I will regret more greatly.

My ex-boyfriend is threatening me

Please help me and tell me how should I stop him from ruining my life and telling my parents about what I have done.

He’s blackmailing me – I am in a dilemma

We went to a hotel. We were in the same bed, but Allah is my witness, we never had sex… A few moths later he started to blackmail me – he would say things like he was going to send the hotel DVD to my address and tell my family.

How can he deal with stubborn and oppressive parents?

My parents often refuse to talk to me for days, make angry faces, criticize, insult and embarrass me a lot in front of relatives and friends. I am given lectures usually about money, status, job opportunities and great worldly prospects. All this even though I am a person who is usually content with little and I have no big ambitions.

I think I might be married to two men

My heart cant rest every day I ask myself if that niikah with my ex-BF was valid and if so is my new nikkah with my husband valid? I don’t know what to do please make that clear for me.

A girl threatening suicide if I don’t marry her

Now am 20 and she is 19. For last 4 to 5 years, I have tried to convince her in many ways through love, through patience, and though harsh words. I tried to convince her, but she does not care; she says that when we will be together everything will be alright. She is impossible to understand by any means. I tried my best, but whenever I don’t talk to her she says she will commit suicide.

My husband wants to send my kids away from me

He wants to send my kids overseas. I feel I would be better off dead. I told him this and he told me I should go do it. I am so scared to lose my kids.

Committed a major sin and am worried what to do about being exposed

I found this muslim guy on a local dating site and one thing led to the next. I found myself naive, stupid, and emotional. I have since forgiven myself, pray that God forgives me and conceals my sins. My fear is that he has tried to expose me. No one has said anything to me directly, but I feel that people are discussing this.