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Husband is extremely verbally abusive, is it my fault?

I have tried to speak with him in calmer times to explain that his behaviour of getting angry over minuscule things then blaming me for his vile language is a classic example of verbal and emotional abuse, and suggested we look into counselling or advice from any Imam, Sheikh, scholar etc that he feels comfortable to speak with, but he refuses.

Just after our nikkah and honeymoon, my husband abandoned me

He has completely shut me out of his life and I have no idea of his whereabouts. His mother on the other hand, apologized to me on his behalf but mentioned that her son had made a mistake, but not a crime. Since then, there’s been no sign of him. He has a job that he should get back to, for he had lied about the business trip and he has a loan to take care of. I’ve known him for 3 years and he has always been a responsible person when it comes to his job and finances.

Is my dad right, or am I? Should I apologize?

My father lost his temper with the family and with me, but now he wants me to apologize.

My mother is mean to me and I feel empty inside

I live in another country thousands of miles away, and quite frankly I want it that way because I cannot support anymore the blames and criticisms and living in the past. What am I doing wrong?

I managed to bring my husband back, but he has no transparency

I am hesitant to let him back into our lives and he never really asks about the children – he calls or sends txts passed midnight when the kids are asleep – I sometimes speak to him but am concerned about the lack of transparency on his part