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Just trying to be happy :(

I just went through a breakup of a 5-year relationship. I know it’s not accepted in Islam, furthermore, during those years, I have sinned a lot while being in the r’ship. The ex left me suddenly, just one week after talking about marriage plans. For two months I was left to question him and myself why it was happening suddenly. He said he wanted to focus on school, which then later led on to he doesn’t have feelings for me anymore.

Mercy and forgiveness: of cleaning a heart and soul that is lost and dirty

I have just come out of a long 4 year relationship with a man whom I thought would be my husband one day. There were signs all along that he was not the one for me yet I persist in my stubborness to make things work. I have done countless sins (zina and drinking) and now that it is over, I feel like I am waking up from a long bad dream.