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I can’t forget him

I’m in love with a boy but we are not in a relationship… I see him in my dreams.

Dream of being hugged by someone I know

I thoroughly feel that this dream would mean a lot to me in the future…

I want to marry him but my mother is considering other proposals

I told my mother and brother my istikhara sign but my mother said me that it’s not necessary that if your istikhara is right than that boy will be in your (naseeb).

Need your advice regarding naming my baby

I need some suggestions regarding naming baby boy…

Is it love or just lust?

Every time I found something new about Islam I regretted the fact that I lost someone like him because everything he said was right.

Should I be worried about my son?

Ever since he was 15 he always told me he is asexual and has no use for marriage or a girl in his life, and he would by no means be able to give her what very religious men would. Other than that, he is a complete loner. He stays in his room for the most part and only during dinner time does he talk to me and his dad- just like ‘how was your day’ and that kind of thing.

Is there a dua for a baby boy?

I’m 14 weeks pregnant now. Is there any dua to ask for baby boy?

Is it wrong to have a non-muslim best friend who I love as a son

I am a Muslim girl and I am 19. I love my religion, have a strong faith in Allah swt and am proud to be a muslim. Nothing can waver my faith in Islam and am proud to admit that. I come from a religious, decent family and my dad is pretty strict when it comes to matters of religion and culture, especially with me and my sister. He bought us up really well.

My parents rejected the boy I love because of his looks and financial status

I’m in love with this practising muslim boy but my parents would not accept him because they think he’s not good enough for me in terms of looks and his financial status. I’m truly in love with him and wish my parents would see that.