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My girlfriend’s parents won’t even give us the chance of meeting my parents.

They are convinced our families don’t align. They think they’re doing her a favor and saving her from a bad future.

My boyfriend wants to have sex and lose his virginity on me

I have a great boyfriend who I’ve known for four years and is also a Muslim. It’s wonderful that he’s so accepting and I can be honest, but we were talking about having sex and I do not know if I should do it or not because he might feel like I don’t care about him as much as I cared about my ex boyfriend. Seeing him so upset would be really hard, as he wants to lose his virginity to me.

Muslim Boyfriend Forced to Leave me by his Parents

My Muslim boyfriend and I have been in a serious and happy relationship for the past 1.5 years. I am a very decent Christian lady. I believe in marriage first before we can do anything (sexually). And he respected that. He treated me as a real lady and very gentleman towards me……

We committed sins together, now I must desert him

I am a 23 year old Christian and was brought up in a Religious Christian way but when I came to the UK, I met a Muslim man that never in my consciousness and spiritual belief that I could fall for. He was once a strict Islam follower but when he met me, he is like me who our parents spriritual and moral teachings. I was never allowed to go out for date, or meet a man not until I met him and same with him.