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Suffering after a breakup

I just cant get him out of my mind even though he cheated on me and lied so much. All i do is think about him and why he did that to me. What was wrong with me?

In pain after boyfriend loved me and left me

Two years ago i got involved with my neighbour. We both loved each other alot but all of a sudden he stopped loving me and left me.

As the days go by, the harder and more painful it gets…

I feel that I’m beginning to lose his Mum too… I would very much wish to be back together with him but seems like it’s not going to happen. I’m very sad. I want my heart to heal.

I’m depressed and having trouble in letting things go

I’ve decided to not get married forever and dedicate my life to Allah only. I was weak, I couldn’t avoid temptation and now I’ve been in depression that I cannot even forget him for a second.

Converted to Islam and my boyfriend broke up with me

We were planning a marriage and future together…

Broken down by relationship ending

All of a sudden he refused to talk to me and told me I wasted 4 years of his life. He even refused to marry me.

My engagement ended over a misunderstanding

I was engaged but now I am not because he left me because of a mistake… on top of this we have 2 children together. What should I do?

I loved him and I miss him

He treated me like a fool. He said he loved me too. Made serious commitments even.

Feeling broken-hearted

I lost everything I loved the most… She betrayed me, my life, my love, my care for her. But I can’t stop loving her.

Love, stress, tension, family issues…

I am praying to ALLAH(SWT) may she come back to me.. and I even think now that there might be a problem something must be wrong!!