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I swore a lie on the Quran only to make my parents happy

My parents forced me to take my hand on the Quran and promise to not commit the sin again, so I did it only to make them happy, but I knew I would do it again.

I broke a promise

I’m getting out of my mind about what I’ve done.

I’m afraid of Allah’s anger for breaking an oath

I swore to cut my relation with my sister. I did that as i always felt that my sister (Who is married) doesn’t treats me like other siblings.

Help please

My mom asked me to take an oath I would never date anyone and if I did she would die… If I break that oath is there any Kafara for that?

Forced Promise

What if I have to promise something to my parents forcibly by keeping my hands over the Quran?

Kaffara for Oath taken on the Quran

Since i am 15 i don’t think i can feed or clothe people so i decided to fast 3 days continuously. Is that right? or do my parents have to feed the people for me?

What makes an oath void?

I do regret breaking my oaths and I do fear the consequences for it in this dunya and in the afterlife.

Swore on Quran not to contact my girlfriend, but I broke it

I swore to my mother on the Quran that I would not contact my girlfriend anymore, but I broke it because I love her.

How should I do Tawbah Nasoohah (Sincere Repentance) after which, I won’t sin? (30 July, 2013 – Ready)

I had confidence in myself that I won’t masturbate again, but even then I did it. I want to release it’s Kaffarah…Want to do tawbah to Allah, the tawbah after which I won’t repeat the act of masturbation. Please help me…

I swore on the Quran and then broke my promise

I have put my hand on Quran and sworn to my friend that I will not discuss any thing about him to anyone in future, but I have forgot this qasam and again I have discussed him.