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I broke a promise

I’m getting out of my mind about what I’ve done.


I’m afraid of Allah’s anger for breaking an oath

I swore to cut my relation with my sister. I did that as i always felt that my sister (Who is married) doesn’t treats me like other siblings.

Help please

My mom asked me to take an oath I would never date anyone and if I did she would die… If I break that oath is there any Kafara for that?

Forced Promise

What if I have to promise something to my parents forcibly by keeping my hands over the Quran?

Kaffara for Oath taken on the Quran

Since i am 15 i don’t think i can feed or clothe people so i decided to fast 3 days continuously. Is that right? or do my parents have to feed the people for me?

What makes an oath void?

I do regret breaking my oaths and I do fear the consequences for it in this dunya and in the afterlife.

Swore on Quran not to contact my girlfriend, but I broke it

I swore to my mother on the Quran that I would not contact my girlfriend anymore, but I broke it because I love her.

How should I do Tawbah Nasoohah (Sincere Repentance) after which, I won’t sin? (30 July, 2013 – Ready)

I had confidence in myself that I won’t masturbate again, but even then I did it. I want to release it’s Kaffarah…Want to do tawbah to Allah, the tawbah after which I won’t repeat the act of masturbation. Please help me…

I swore on the Quran and then broke my promise

I have put my hand on Quran and sworn to my friend that I will not discuss any thing about him to anyone in future, but I have forgot this qasam and again I have discussed him.

He took an oath on the Quran to never touch me sexually, but now we’re in love & want to marry

He is married and I have been talking to him for 2 yrs. We respect each other nothing sexually happened between us. I know his children and his wife. She doesn’t like me because I help him alot and she thinks that something is going on between him and me. She made him swear over the Quran that he will not touch me sexually and that he looks at me like part of the family.