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Should I marry an ugly person?

He has stopped caring about his appearance… I feel disconnected and I am scared that I will not be happy with him or may fall into sin….

Need immediate help on marriage

But now I feel like I should go back to her .. I don’t understand why I am hopping like this. But I feel I will never get a girl like this in life, she is perfect for me.

Not attracted to fiancee…

If I cancel the marriage it will put a lot of shame on my family but if I go through with it I will maybe be miserable forever.

Need advice about my engagement

I don’t want to upset my mom but at the same time I don’t want to waste my time.

Breaking off engagement

I feel like he’s not the one but I don’t want to be wrong because overall he’s a good guy in other people eyes “perfect” guy but not for me.

I need to break off this engagement

My parents are not ready to listen, they are worried about the society and what our relatives would think. They only blame me.

Should I marry him or not?

I am engaged to my cousin, it’s totally my family choice… I have found that he doesn’t follow Islam and is somehow against Muslims and Islam.

I need to cancel this marriage

Can you suggest me something to recite to cancel this relation please… otherwise may be I will die.

Please give me a swalath to break this engagement

So I want to cancel this marriage. And also it should have to be cancelled from that side.

Forced to get engaged to cousin

The happy and free life I once had is all gone. Everyday I’m wishing the engagement would break and live the life as I want.