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Setting boundaries with husband and expecting acceptance

I feel my husband doesn’t trust me to allow me a break and I shouldn’t be with him. I’ve never cheated on him during our relationship and even gave up talking to friends (including my best friend) to please him. But the more I give up, the more he wants out of me. I also feel that I shouldn’t have to tolerate and accept his behavior, and the kids shouldn’t have to see that.

I broke up, but I still feel responsible for teaching her about Islam

Some friends told me to cut the contact with her but I am still thinking about it. I’m the only Muslim person she knows, I’m the only religious influence she has. I can’t just let her alone like nothing happened, right?

A girl threatening suicide if I don’t marry her

Now am 20 and she is 19. For last 4 to 5 years, I have tried to convince her in many ways through love, through patience, and though harsh words. I tried to convince her, but she does not care; she says that when we will be together everything will be alright. She is impossible to understand by any means. I tried my best, but whenever I don’t talk to her she says she will commit suicide.

6 months later I still can’t forget him

that time it was 1 month v broke up.. and now it has being 6 months nothing seems to change.. I am 16 yrs.. am fuly mental.. ya Allah y is this hapening wid me.. i prayed so much after one of the brother in ths site advicd me so wel.. before sleepng no mater hw sleepy i usd to be no mater hw lazy i usd to feel bt stil i usd to get up.. cry to alah that hav mercy on me.. i dnt want to thnk abt tht guy… i prayd alot..