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My husband can’t accept the past… My life is falling apart…

He said terrible things. That maybe I could have some disease from that guy because I slept with him, that he is scared how will I raise our daughter… He has serious problems and I am scared what to do.

In a complicated marriage

I’d like to ask if my marriage to my husband is valid.

In Desperate Need For Advice As My Life Is Falling Apart

I am beginning to feel hopeless and not good enough for him. I don’t want him to leave me – I would be broken without him.

He judges me about my past.

He says that he is hurt by my past. I tell him I’m sorry about my past and I am not this person now. He will never let this go. I am so unhappy with him now and although he is my husband, he keeps pushing me away from him with his harsh words so that when it comes to intimacy with him, I feel so uncomfortable and dirty.