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Does Allah reveal the truth one day?

I just want his mother’s lie would be revealed. Does Allah punish them for doing such things to me and my family?

Told The Truth and It Backfired

I need advice as to whether to go ahead with a hymen reconstruction surgery or should I wait until I am sure I will marry? Should I leave myself as I am?

Marriage problem

My mother has refused to do marriage with her but girl’s family is still willing to do and they are waiting for my decision.

Is it mandatory for we two to get married now?

One fine day she said that We can’t get married as We don’t match.. She ended it.. So what do I do and what is right thing now..?

My fiance left me after relations

I am thinking of not getting married ever as it would disclose my secret. I am confused, lost and disturbed.

My parents are asking me to choose!

I love my parents I want to make them happy I do not want their curses but at the same time these 3 months without him has never been harder…

Should I take my ex-fiance back into my life?

He has messaged me again asking forgiveness and wants to make things work with me. And he says he will truthful to me. I don’t know what to do. I still feel my heart is attached to him.

I want to get married to the only one I love

My mother accepted another proposal for me, but my ex fiancé wants to marry me against his family’s will. I am very depressed, cuz I still love him, and it’s really hard for me to accept that new guy, what to do?

I feel guilty that he left her for me

That girl also loved him like I did and she was heartbroken… because of me.

Is this jadoo (magic)? If so, how do I nullify it?

I got engaged 3 time and every time the family liked me. But only 1 week after engagement boy refused to continue… the same story repeated three times.