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Did I hurt my ex-fiance, his family, and especially my father?

How can I get rid of that feeling that I hurt a lot of people, do you think Allah will punish me for this?

She broke off our engagement – now her family are going after my reputation

So after breaking my heart they went after my reputation… what does Islam say about such deception and after breaking my heart trying to discredit me?

Losing the marriage after zina

Suddenly he said his parents do not agree, but before saying this (about 10 days ago) we met. Even though we only met twice in this whole 1 year, the last time we met we committed zina/sex because we thought we would be marrying. I know we commited a sin, and since then I’m seeking forgivness from Allah.

Our parents broke our engagement – what can I do to marry her?

It was not my intention – I love her very much. I tried to fix this problem but they never give a chance to me. She said her family did istakhara again and it come out negative.

False promise of marriage – turning to Allah for revenge

Now I turned to Allah for revenge on this man. I offered namaz and gave this man lots of bad-dua. I cursed him. I begged Allah to punish him. This is the first time I have cursed someone.

Before yes, now no! One lie can change everything?

One lie changed everything. My family’s point of view completely changed… they started hating him and his family. When we did istikhara now it came no, so my mother broke the rishta… But he wants to try again after one year.

He promised to marry me then changed his mind

he took promise frm me that i wil never leave him. bt i dnt knw wat happened to him that he started avoiding me, putting blames on me, scolding me. m v depressed v hard to move forward plz help me to move out of this trance.