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I’m from a broken family so his parents won’t give their consent

I had put a lot of effort for this relationship as it was a long-distance one. It keeps haunting me that he will soon marry another girl and maybe he’ll stay happy.

Am I allowed to get married in Islam if my parents and family disown me from marrying a Muslim man?

I had to go through a family member to get in contact with my father… My father reply was, “do not marry anyone accept my nephews”. I do not want to marry my fathers nephew.

Unmarried and my siblings need my support

My parents died when I was 12 and 16, leaving my younger siblings as well. Now we are living apart.

Angry parents

They don’t pick up my calls. I live abroad and I go every year to my parents but they never open the door for me…

I feel useless….

I have been in a relationship with this guy for a few months but we always argue and he is always rude and disrespectful to me, and we always break up and we always get back together but I know I shouldn’t but I can never stop.