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He says he loves me, but he’s marrying someone else

I sat there with a broken heart as I knew what he was saying made sense. But I still had that question, how can you marry someone when you love someone else?

I need my ex husband back InshaAllah

I’m afraid that I will never feel the same about a person ever again. That my punishment from God is dying knowing I’ve lost something good.

I wanna kill myself, I need advice badly

I am in so much pain. He destroyed my innocence… Many times I took knife in my hand…

I need a powerful wazifa for my friend

He wants more dowry so he don’t want to marry their daughter. Her father and mother are crying a lot for this dhoka. My friend is in very bad condition because she truly loves him. She has attempted for suicide also.

I feel like I have no value…

If people do anything haram they are still enjoying that, if I am doing anything haram I am hurt at the end…

Broken down by relationship ending

All of a sudden he refused to talk to me and told me I wasted 4 years of his life. He even refused to marry me.

Depressed about lost love and family conflict

I know I have to forget and wait for my match but I’m not able to… My parents want me to become western girl and go for job but I don’t want to go back to my past.

She broke off our engagement – now her family are going after my reputation

So after breaking my heart they went after my reputation… what does Islam say about such deception and after breaking my heart trying to discredit me?

What do I do? I don’t know if I can live without him…

All I want to do is talk to him and for him to love me again like he used to. It’s so much easier for him because he met me when he was older, but I met him at a very vulnerable age and my last few years have been completely comprised of him. How am I supposed to forget everything?

Will Allah Forgive My Sins? How can I let go of these feelings?

I pray to Allah all the time and I know Allah is listening, I want to be patient, I want to be worthy to be Allah’s servant, I know I have wronged I have hurt so many people and don’t want to continue, how can I get myself to stop praying for him to comeback when he’s ready for marriage, how can I accept its over, he’s told me its over and asked me to forgive him and said it wasn’t meant to be, will Allah forgive me? Will Allah mend my broken heart!?