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Caused a marriage to break

Is there a way in Islam to ask for Allah’s forgiveness as I know breaking marriage is the biggest of sins?

Depression and confusion

I lost my love of life, my husband, even my health is damaged…

Divorce issue – I can’t understand why this is happening!

Is this the way, that you leave your wife for a small thing?

What should I do about her infidelity?

She said she wants to work and go out without me and I am not allowing her to do that. I told her that this relationship is very important to me, and almost had tears in my eyes, but she still went. It’s been 48 hours that she hasn’t bothered to talk with our son or me. I don’t know what will happen, or how I will deal with it.

My husband granted a divorce I only asked for in anger

asalam-0-alaikum team of Zawaj

I am really very sorry if you are thinking like this that I am sending the questions of same crux more than 7 times to you. Of course one will write to you about his/her problem if he/she is really suffering. I think nobody is mad enough to send or repeat her questions 7 times having the same theme. I am really suffering. I am not just finding the answers but I want to know the reasons for moving in any kind of direction. This is the last time I am writing you this question now I shall never repeat it again.

Need guidance on a failing marriage.

Assalam alikum

I hope to get guidance here from any of the learned Islamic men/women in the light of Shariah and Islamic Law..

I am Male, from India and a Doctor by profession. I got married an year ago to a practising doctor from the same city. It was an arranged marriage fixed by parents on either sides. My father-in-law told the following to me when the proposal was made and the alliance was made…

Extramarital affair with child. How do I get divorced?

I had arranged a marriage nikah 6 years ago to a cousin from abroad. When he came over to England, I was not interested on him and already had a boyfriend, then I found out I was pregnant …

Divorced while pregnant and now a single Mum in depression

I had fight with my husband, and told him that I loved him so much but I take divorce so easy. I said I want divorce. At that time I didn’t know that was pregnant so we were apart for 6 months , and then he formally divorced me while I was pregnant and married another girl.

Still in love with wife who has been cheating on me for 10 years

I need your advice please I am feeling very lonely and hurt and don’t know what to do. I am a male age 38 and was married for 10yrs to my wife who had two previous kids in her last marriage when I met her and she told me she had 2 girls aged 6 and 9.