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Should I tell her parents that we had oral sex?

She has left me without any reason. I don’t want her to do dishonesty with someone else. And now I want to marry her if she will accept me I will marry her as soon as possible.

After five years he left me, I feel life is over

I was in a relationship with a man for years, and even got pregnant by him and had an abortion. He promised to marry me but suddenly he left me because his family will not accept for him to marry a Shi’ah woman. I want him back, why can’t I be happy and have him?

I have broken promises to Allah many times

I promised again not to sin but I broke my promise again. This happened almost three times. Now, I think I lost my “Iman.” I rush towards Allah for forgiveness but there is no reply from Allah. I think there is no reason for my living. In namaz, I have no feelings of standing before Almighty Allah. When I recite Quran, there is no feelings of having Iman.

He promised to marry me then changed his mind

he took promise frm me that i wil never leave him. bt i dnt knw wat happened to him that he started avoiding me, putting blames on me, scolding me. m v depressed v hard to move forward plz help me to move out of this trance.

Severely depressed over broken promise of marriage

Asalaam alaikum. Me, Sarasaif converted from Hindu to Muslim and got married to a Muslim guy who loved me a lot.
It happened 8 years back. I was a widow and it was indeed of security and finance to lead life with a girl child. The marriage was not held in any mosque and without any witness. And our relationship continued.