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I need my ex husband back InshaAllah

I’m afraid that I will never feel the same about a person ever again. That my punishment from God is dying knowing I’ve lost something good.

I need a dua or tadbir to bring him back

My bf was cheating on me. He involved his parents and left me. He’s with that girl now.


He said that he can’t handle the relationship anymore as his family won’t be accepting me in the future. He said that he has to do something for his family and he disappeared on me.

Can I do istikhara to get over someone?

There hasn’t been a single day which I have spent without thinking about him…he is always on my mind..

Feeling broken-hearted

I lost everything I loved the most… She betrayed me, my life, my love, my care for her. But I can’t stop loving her.

Marriage to the girl I love – out the window

Her mother very quickly shot me down due to my background which was from a single parent family and my family had black magic done on them in the past.

Tried Killing Myself After He Left Me

All I can think about now is google search: how to kill yourself at home astagfirullah. I worked in mental health 5 years and always helped people get out of depression. And now I can’t walk myself without fainting.

How Can I Stop Zina Without Hurting Her?

I embraced Islam. It seemed that I wanted to pull away from my old lifestyle, but she showed more interest in that which I had lost interest in. I wanted to start praying, but she wanted to go out. I wanted to attend Jumaa Prayer, but she wanted to go on a trip. I did it all to make her happy. I did what I could to keep her next to me, but felt guilty inside.

Still in love with wife who has been cheating on me for 10 years

I need your advice please I am feeling very lonely and hurt and don’t know what to do. I am a male age 38 and was married for 10yrs to my wife who had two previous kids in her last marriage when I met her and she told me she had 2 girls aged 6 and 9.