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Premarital relationships

When we were together we used to talk about intimate things and other things. But after the break up he only talked to me about sex and I felt so disrespected and guilty.

Advice Please

I suppose I am proposing to have & raise my child as a single parent – this would not be my preference, but I can’t imagine he will want to marry &/or be a father.

I really want her in my life

I cannot live without her I am not strong as she is. I feel that my life is just ended up…

Sex before marriage.

We’ve had sex and I want to know is it best to leave her or to convince her to come back and aim for a nikkah?

My parents want me to marry my cousin… who’s my ex.

He is not a good person. I know it’s all punishment of my sins which I have done in past but I want to marry a good human being and a good Muslim.

I am contemplating suicide after painful breakup

I am 25 years old and I’m a Hindu girl…I met a Muslim guy 4 years back, we did our college together, fell in love and it went fine for two years. From the starting of our relationship he used to tell me that there is no possibility for us to be together forever, but he was very intimate with me and he never left me, which made me to think that he wouldn’t leave me after getting this close.