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Growing out of love

Too much trust has been broken.

Childhood sexual abuse

I often think I’m worthless and should commit suicide… I’m broken, I don’t know how to live my life.

I cheated on my fiancee by talking and meeting another woman

I find myself in this dark hole alone and searching for a way out.

I can’t stop loving him

He said to his ex that letting her go was the biggest mistake ever – he still had feelings for her.

My fiance left me after relations

I am thinking of not getting married ever as it would disclose my secret. I am confused, lost and disturbed.

Hurt and problems everywhere

ALLAH must be angry with our family. There is not a single happiness left.

Should I leave this relationship?

I’ve realized he hasn’t changed… I don’t know what to do, he made me so weak I’m unable to take decision that what should I do?

As the days go by, the harder and more painful it gets…

I feel that I’m beginning to lose his Mum too… I would very much wish to be back together with him but seems like it’s not going to happen. I’m very sad. I want my heart to heal.

Confused and very depressed

After this divorce I’m all broken. I am so confused that how will I face all the family?

Tortured and suicidal

I want to go to sleep and never wake up again.