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Brother and sister sharing property

My sister has inherited land and I want to build a house over her land with mutual understanding.

Brother and sister having to share a bedroom

We do not have any other room in which to sleep separately, so what should we do?

I call her sister, how can I marry her?

I did not wanted her to mistook my intentions so I called her my sister. Now I cannot tell her about my feelings because she still calls me her brother and if i do she would break every contact with me.

What is the awrah for a sister to her brother

I’ve been told that a brother and sister that have reached puberty is haram to sleep in the same bed but then iv heard that its makrooh. Then I’ve heard its ok for the sister to breastfeed in front of the brother. This is the part that confuses me, if its makrooh or haram for a sister and brother to sleep next to each other why isn’t it makrooh or haram for a brother to see his sisters breast while breast feeding???