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Is my relationship with my brother in law is halal or haram

He is younger than me and unmarried. We are like best friends but we never touched each other intentionally.

Harassment by horrible brother in law

A short while ago we had a little falling out… I apologised but he keeps doing things. I’m worried about what he will do next.

Brother in law causing problems

We are all Muslim and I have a feeling this is all haram to put a wife through such pain, hurt and financial abuse.

Question about relations with brother in law in Islam

I went to see my sister and my brother in law was home, though left after a while. I went and I did not have interaction with him. When my husband came to know about it he became very angry, so much so that he hit me on face, abused and threatened of divorce.

I love my husband’s brother

I know it is not haraam (sin) to marry my husband’s brother, after my iddah(waiting period) is complete, but is this a trashy custom?

In-laws rights over daughter-in-law in Islam?

Reading and hearing and learning most of the duties of women I came to understand that its a son’s duty to look after his parents and not his wife’s, and if she is doing it, its out of her kindness. Also that a women’s duty is not to cook and wash always. So I don’t personally think Allah will ask only about your in-laws.

I deserve better, so I wish to live in a separate flat

im stayin wid my husband, his parents, bro in law and sis in laws husband…sis in law is in home country and she wil come soon and bro in laws wife, he’s gona or might get divorced. my prb is stayin together, i feel so uncomfortable, i hav no privacy. i feel so difficult at heart.cud u temme a way to get out of tis difficlty.

Want brother-in-law to move out so rest of us don’t suffer but husband doesn’t understand

Please give some advice, we were a happy family before all this happened now I am just reduced to tears, my husband shouts at me when there is not enough food, when I don’t take child to bed because I can’t because his brother is always hovering around all the time!

My husband’s relationship with his sister in law

I am in a state where I have lost the ground underneath my feet. I have grown up in the west and got to know my husband 12 years ago. We had a sexual relationship before we got married, however we got married 3 years ago.

How can I convince his brother to accept my marriage?

I have a fiance we have been planning our marriage, we love each other deeply from our heart we are both Muslim and his brother doesn’t accept.