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Brother gets hyper sometimes behaves like a mad man

Please advise me some dua for his treatment.

My Brother’s Marriage.

I just can’t handle seeing my parents go through all of this…

Brother is suicidal

He’s planning to end his life. And worse, I found out that he’s gay.

Brother is sinning!

He is 11-12 years old. I have found bad websites and pictures on his phone.

Inheritance-does my brother deserve it??

Do my parents have an obligation according to Islam?

Very disrespectful son/brother

Should he be thrown out of the house?

My parents treat me like trash compared to my younger brother

I see that I am treated the worse in the family and recently I have been so angry.

My brother is an abusive son

He constantly makes it clear that he will never let my parents be happy… he will make them cry always… he won’t let them be peaceful…

Muslimah in pain and in general need of your help

I was abused. I had my innocence taken away at a very young age… It was my own brother…

Issues with my brother

He and my parents always will have an argument at least once in the day… I worry that my family will cut ties with him when he leaves for college.