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Demand of huq meher during separation

They are not sending us the divorce notice so that they could save the huq meher amount.

Cheated, hurt and abandoned!!

Does Islam allow us to harm or hurt the people who hurt us… I am so depressed and angry that I want to punish them.

Am I being unreasonable for not wanting kids or is it just something I can’t help how I feel?

My question is am i being selfish for not wanting kids does it make me a bad muslim and wicked and evil? and must i be forced into being a dad even if i dont want to as some people insist i must get married it will solve all my problems when clearly that isnt always the case.

Bullying; How do I stop her?

I get bullied by this girl every year.

Please help; I am crying while writing this.

Please help:(.

Tired of being poor, weak, sexually frustrated mocked virgin male

I’m tired of being poor and broke, tired of having sexual thoughts and having low-self esteem because of virginity mocking, tired of being physicall weak enough to down people who threaten to fight me.

Parents are still punishing me for things that happened a long time ago

I’m 17 years old and I am having a lot of problems with my parents. I made mistakes in my past when I first started high school. My parents were so harsh on me when they found out about it all. I did feel guilty and since then I am trying to fix my life up and just be a good Muslim and make my parents happy.