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Marriage at 16 in UK

I have a deep urge for marriage but it is very hard to carry this out in our society.


How should I approach marriage with an std?

The time nears closer and closer and I need advice…

Had unlawful relationship

Can I still get married since I did this? I am a changed man now and promised I would never approach that filthy act ever again.

In need of hope..too many issues with Self

I am drowned in negative thoughts and emotions regardless of constantly praying and thinking about Allah.

Raped before puberty

Will I be considered impure and my future has gone down the drain?

Can a muslim girl marry a muslim boy 4 years younger?

He is working in US. He is 30 years old. And he was already married for four months then divorced.

I am depressed….please give me a solution!!

I touched Quran and promised that I will forget her. At this time, I also promised that I will not marry any girl in my entire life.

Will Allah forgive me for my sins?

I have made many sins and now am very confused with my life.

Is a pregnant Christian lady allowed to marry a Muslim Man?

I am 4 months pregnant. My boyfriend told me that he can’t marry me without us having the same faith.

Chronic illness and desire to get married

Being ill doesn’t make you immune from falling in love…