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Can I marry secretly to a girl with whom I am living like a married couple?

What is the process of secret marriage in Islam?

I wish to convert and do nikah with a Vietnamese girl

My parents said they would never accept her being 10 years old than me and having dated other men in her life.

Nikah without marriage?

By law in my country it’s illegal to get married under 18…

How to convince her and her family when they don’t want to listen to me?

i understand her situation and i will wait for her but she even not giving me the surety that she will marry me in future….she said that she will say yes to anyone if her father and brother find someone…

Marriage difficulty

The girl whom I want to marry is a good girl.. my mother has given permission of marriage but my father is refusing..

Parents of girl not permitting for marriage in non syed family.

What are the rights of a girl if her parents are not willing in such case even after all efforts are made.


My cousin took a sip or two of my mother’s breast milk from a cup. Is my nikah with that cousin halal or haram?

Cousin or Niece Marriage

Is she like my niece? I heard niece marriage is forbidden in Islam.

Fiancee/Lover Cheated on me! Help please!!

I am too broken and don’t know how to plan the wedding and keep her happy when she is now expecting me to be normal like before.

Her mother is rejecting

Her mother and 2 of her sisters are against me without any valid reason.