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Marrying my cousin… Is it safe?

Will there be any genetic problems in my kids because of this marriage?

Istikhara for marriage after zina

I want to ask that is it right to do istikhara for marriage after zina? Should i just trust the istikhara and leave her even if that means hurting her??

When to stop making dua?

I have been making the same dua for months now with no progress…

I want to marry her

Please tell me a dua that will get me and her back together and married asap. And we will be happy again and not have any issues.

Marriage decided by parents

What would be the law if he goes against the parent’s wishes? Is it a great sin?

Second Secret Marriage

I just want to avoid Zina with the second woman and want to marry her too. This way both women who lost virginity to me would come into my nikah and I will have a sense of satisfaction for not ruining anyone’s life.

Marriage with mother step sister?

I fall in love with my mother step sister. Is it allow in Islam can I marry her?

Love before marriage

I really love her and don’t want to lose her. I feel like I actually found the one.

Zina and Marriage

Is it permissible in Islam to marry a girl who committed Zina with another man previously?

I really want her in my life

I cannot live without her I am not strong as she is. I feel that my life is just ended up…