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Temporary Marriage

If both girl and boy love each other and want sex, can they marry each other for that much time till they are together and then give talaak to each other?

Hadiths about milk siblings

On some websites I’ve read that it is not permissible to marry a foster sister even if she was fed once.

Can a girl make nikah for herself without the consent of her parents/family?

They want to make nikkah but she doesn’t want to tell her parents.

Nikkah After Relation

Now the girl is saying that she does not want to marry that boy…

Can they get married?

My friend fall in love with his step niece and both of them want to marry with each other.

Can my cousin marry a mehdi akida(belief) girl?

Our aalim told that they are not Muslims and this marriage is not possible. Can he marry her? Are they Muslims?