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I’ve Gotten Physical with a Guy

I regret it but also feel the desire to do it again…

Confused about marriage rules.

Can her elder brother be the guardian?

Me and my cousin would like to get married but there’s a problem, help please?.

We have liked each other for quite a while, we are in love and there is no other person like her anywhere.

Committed zina, repent and wish to marry the same person

Please, what should I do? I really really wish to marry him and make things right and have a strong islamic future.

I love a girl so much …. but I know I can’t have her

For the first time I am sharing what’s in my heart. I just can’t keep all these emotions in my heart.

Help regarding making a decision to get married

I find that every time we try to move forward, we take a hundred steps back.

Can a Muslim man marry a Catholic?

My boyfriend is a very good man and follows the Quran… I don’t want to do anything that may affect his beliefs.

His mum won’t agree even though I am willing to convert

She has not met me at all. She has told him that he has to marry his cousin and leave me.

Can I marry him even though he is not Syed caste?

My parents say a Syed girl can’t marry in other caste. They want an undertaking from my side of unmarried life till my death if I can’t accept their choice.

What is the next step?

We both are serious about this leading towards marriage but fear that we are too young… How do love marriages work in Islam?