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Does Allah hate me?

I am so stressed out… feeling like committing suicide… why is Allah doing this to us?

I am 34 muslim woman and not married yet!

I can’t help but being negative, anxious, frustrated and feeling like I just want to be alone.

Marriage Advice – father won’t allow

My mom is telling me I need to stop talking to him.

Arranged marriage proposal

Will I be able to marry someone else and forget this guy?

Parents unaccepting of interracial marriage

My mother can’t see an interracial marriage being right for me or our family. She says there will be too may troubles.

Heartbroken again!

I just thought I might have a change at happiness. But my family won’t let me.

A girl I love is marrying someone else but she loves me

I love her so much, she loves me too, but we couldn’t do anything about it.

I am shattered

His parents didn’t agree. I had dreamed of having a life with him.

Need your Help!!!

My father wants me to marry my cousin. I don’t like him and he also doesn’t like me… Meanwhile I started talking to my school fellow…

Quit the bad habits but the drive is driving me crazy and I want to get married

I could so easily get a girlfriend and do all what I want with her, but when I try doing it the halal way, rejection is all what I get.