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I feel like this should be the end.

Can I wish and hope to die peacefully? Can I pray for that? I want this to end. Life to end.

Why Allah Testing me in a Dire Manner?

Whenever I find happiness it gets taken before it even reaches my hands. I don’t even know what to do anymore…

I now feel like suicide is the only way out ='(

I can’t take it any more ……. Where should I go? ….. Don’t my tears have any value near Allah ?

Seventeen, pregnant and suicidal… Considering abortion

I know if I abort I’m going to regret it but I’m very suicidal and carrying someone’s baby I hate is pushing me over the edge.

I can’t cope anymore

I recently lost my mother from a heart attack and do not get on with my father or brothers. I am now in debt and at risk of losing my home. I was married for 14 years during which time my husband never paid towards the house or the children.

Can I marry my sister in law?

My wife had an accident and she broke her spine and is bedridden. It has been very difficult for me to look after her and children because I need to go to work to support my family.