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I need to choose between my husband and my parents… Help!

I got married to him through his family… I informed this to my family. They were so shocked that they said they are never going to accept this marriage. in fact they want me to separate from him & get me married to some other guy of their choice.

In search for peace and guidance

i had doubts because he does not pray regularly, I had doubts because he had many female friends, I had doubts because he always emphasized on western dressing ..he tried getting physical everytime we met..i started istikhara again and this time on the third day I got a disturbing dream but again on the fourth day I got a dream where I was happy.

Can’t decide whether to marry her or not as she said she’s not virgin.

i m a faithful and serious guy never thought of having sex before marriage…. until one day she told me that shes not a virgin and said i know i had hurt you should have told you before etc….am dyinG right now with million thouhhts in my mind…. not able to decide something..she asked me to leave her as she is not worth it..but i m not able to decide.