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Answer of istakhara

I want to know the answer of istakhara that I requested my aunty. She is very religious woman.

Can evil eye make a person lose his job?

Is it possible for a person to loose his job due to evil eye from some one. And also not to find a new one job due to evil eye? amirriaz

In a Big Dilemma!

I fear a life of great difficulty… I know in Islam, Allah tests us with hardship, but being on the streets is scary. Please help me! I’m scared!

I want to convert from Islam to Christianity so I can get a job

I am fed up of this after trying it for the last 5 years. Overall I can say that Islam is the best religion without any doubt, yet it’s followers are the worst -including me. So I want to leave the religion where people have no unity, fight with each other, are selfish, jealous, have an attitude, are arrogant, etc.

I am not able to find job due to the economic conditions

Although running the house is a job in itself and my wife assures me she is proud of me, i get these thoughts that i am doing something wrong n im looked at being not manly etc. i hav a degree frm pak but in this economic environment i will never get a job which will pay our mortgage.

I can’t find a job, has someone performed black magic on me?

I lost my health, even had surgery but still I am neither gaining weight nor seeing any betterment in my health. I applied to some hundreds of places but no luck! Why is that? Is it possible someone has cast magic on me?

My wife lies to me and I’m afraid she put magic on me

I lost my job, and my wife got a job at the same time. I spoke to a raki who told me someone has done magic on me. I hate to suspect who might have done it, but I feel it could be someone very close to me.