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I can’t forget him

I’m in love with a boy but we are not in a relationship… I see him in my dreams.

Divorced but can’t get over my ex husband

I’ve been divorced for 7 months now. And I’m still not able to forget him… I feel like ending my life.

He is a good person but my parents can not understand

I know I would not be be to marry anyone else but I know I can’t live with my parents being upset with me.

I miss him every single day

His face is haunting me every moment.

Love without Marriage

I still talk to him, but I want to do this the right way. I want for both Allah and my parents to be happy with my marriage, but because of Shaytan, its hard for me to just stop talking to him.

I want to forget him

I don’t want to get married and still be in love with some other guy. Please tell me a Dhikr to forget him and keep moving on with my life.

Depressed about lost love and family conflict

I know I have to forget and wait for my match but I’m not able to… My parents want me to become western girl and go for job but I don’t want to go back to my past.

I’m still thinking of him 6 years later.

Asalam o Alikum, I am very depressed these days and unable to talk to anyone. my story goes like this: I was a young girl of 19 when I fell in love with this guy. I told this to my family, and my mother agreed upon him. He also told his family about me, and his family was also […]

Can love come before marriage and can you fall in love with a stranger?

I heard that Allah puts love between the hearts of spouses – I know this happens after marriage, but could it possibly happen before? Because I dont know how else to explain why I’m feeling how I’m feeling – and why it is so strong.