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Suffering from Depression and Anxiety

My anxiety and depression get worse and worse with each passing day. I feel like I am dead inside.

Difficulty in getting job

Please help me with a proper dua for me to get this job as soon as possible.

I have big dreams, but every door is shut

Right now, I feel like my dreams and desires have crashed. I try to keep faith, but it somehow is short-lived. I make full resolve to study but yet again I fail.

Can I marry without my parents’ consent?

I am an 18 year old revert of 3 years and I have met a brother that I would like to marry in sha Allah. He has asked them about marriage and they have refused, telling me to complete my university degree, begin a career and then they will consider it.

Unsure of my sexuality and career path.

My sexual orientation. I flinched just while typing that, haha. But I keep on having these thoughts that I may not be straight. I try to push them away but that just makes me think about them more. Everytime I convince myself they’re not really there they manage to come back with reinforcements the next day.

Its haram to chat to a girl before marriage

I am in a relationship with a girl for 6 years and our parents has been accepted our relationship but because my careers my parents delaying the marrige. But she is hard to love me and she wants marriage as soon as possible but I am helpless and to satisfy her some times we used to talk in late night and that talk may reaches to her feelings.

me, my career, my family & marriage

salam all, well, I’m a network engineer, as I’m an tele-engineer. It suits me but I want to get into the banking sector, starting as a bank PO. Now the problem is that my father and mother do not agree that I should leave my field and go to the banking sector which is different […]

How to Improve My Career Path?

I am a very hard worker and do more than my normal hoping that the extra effort would be recognized every year but it is not. There is a guy at work who is at the same level as I am, does much less work than I do but he is closer to our Lead and gets more recognition for the little work he does.