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Non muslim maid for muslim woman

My mother is aged and very ill. We want someone to be 24/7 with her. Can a Christian woman take care of her?

I don’t want to get married

I don’t know how my parents will live after me. I’m the one who does all the housework and I care a lot about them… Who will look after them after me?

Is Hysterectomy Permissible In This Case?

We often exchange greetings and smiles but I could never bring myself to ask her about the details of her daughter’s condition. A lot of women have advised the lady to get her daughter’s hysterectomy done since there is no hope regarding her marriage. My 2 questions are:
1) is the removal of uterus permissible in Islam for such people?
2)Jannatul firdaus is for prophets, martyrs, scholars and the righteous, which category do people fit into it?

Worried about getting married whilst my grandma suffers dementia

For the past month my grandma was getting extremely bad panic / anxiety attacks. I’ve witnessed all of them and took her to ER twice because I thought she was going to die in my arms. The doctor put her on klonopin 0.5 mg daily and most of the time shes sedated in the beginning but is able to cook, clean etc on her own but she doesnt like to be alone, gets very emotional and I dont feel comfortable leaving her unsupervised.