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Marrying in other caste – parents are against it

My parents have stopped me from praying, my mom and sister thrashed me so hard that I bled… My mom wanted to burn me alive.

Parents not allowing inter-caste marriage, threatening to disown…

What his parents are doing is completely unIslamic and not right.

Need your Help!!!

My father wants me to marry my cousin. I don’t like him and he also doesn’t like me… Meanwhile I started talking to my school fellow…

Parents are not letting their son to marry out of caste

What are the limits within which parents may interfere in their son’s marriage?

Marrying out of caste

At one hand I don’t want to reject him, he is a good man but on the other hand I can’t stand up for him in front of my family.

“If you marry him, we will never talk to you again”

They are insisting that the ONLY way I can get what I want is by breaking ties with them… Either that or I agree to what they are saying and choose from any of the men they have found to be suitable for me.

His Mom has already selected another girl for him!

I had a teacher who from the very first day started staring at me and also stalking me at times. I started having feeling for him too. He talked to his mother about me… she has already decided upon a girl for him. He says that he will try to convince his mom… but I don’t see him trying at all…

Her parents are refusing marriage but I don’t know why – maybe because of caste?

I don’t know why her mother refused. I am trying to forget her but not succeeding.

I want to marry, but she is afraid of being disowned by her Chowdhary parents

I am thinking if I ask for her hand her family will say no because my father is Molvi. I love her and want to marry her, but she is reluctant now thinking she will get disowned. She said to me that we can stay friends only.

Long distance relationship becoming more complicated due to caste issues

I’m moving back to London soon and probably wont see him for a very long time. I know everything is in God’s hands. I will be talking to him again soon, any suggestions on what to say.